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Montreal West Tennis Club


The club

Welcome to the Montreal West Tennis Club (MWTC). Tucked away in a tranquil area of town between the Legion Rink and the baseball diamond, the MWTC has members that include players, staff and dedicated volunteers drawn largely but not exclusively from the Town of Montreal West. The main goal of the club is to promote community spirit, tennis and recreational activities for local residents.

Apart from being committed to maintaining court availability and overall operations of the club, the current board of directors is determined to embark on a rebuild of the club in the next few years, which includes refurbishing the clay court surfaces with a modern watering and drainage system and upgrading the lighting to energy-saving LEDs.

The club is open seasonally, from early May to mid-October, depending on the weather.

Club history

The physical grounds for what would eventually become the Montreal West Tennis Club (originally Benedicts Club), an extension of the church, was purchased on May 27, 1926 for the princely sum of $2,880.00. It was subsequently incorporated and commenced operations in 1927 at 250 Bedbrook Ave., Montreal West, Quebec, where it remains active to this day.

In 1941, the Parkside Club, as the club was then known, closed temporarily for lack of members as a result of World War II. The Montreal West Civic Recreation Association eventually took over management of the tennis courts and acquired the club for a nominal sum of $1.00. Thereafter, the Montreal West Tennis Club formed its own board of directors to manage day-to-day operations of the tennis club, holding many events annually, including club and inter-city tournaments for members of all ages and levels.

Benedicts 1934
Benedicts Club, 1937
Bob Murray

2023 MWTC Board of Directors

Peter Hadekel - President

Romesh Vadivel - Vice-President

Max Gaudette - Treasurer

Siobhan Babkine - Women's Tennis

Farhan Bhanji - Junior Tennis

Brad Connell - Maintenance

Claudia Hess - Women's Tennis

Jason Oettel - Communications

Julia Vrentas - Head Coach

Nathalie Grégoire - Member at large

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